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Sonja Soller's artistic expressiveness flows onto the canvas with an irrepressible audacity, ready to

catalyze the mind on a whole of great impact. The artist has concentrated on acrylic mixing

techniques, until she reaches a remarkable level of mastery, and distinguishable from her first

glance.Abstract Nature- the work that we can admire during the Artoxic international exhibition -

is a particularly successful example of abstract art, which involves the observer in a sumptuous

chromatic dance, based on the juxtaposition of warm and cold colours. But not only. The

complexity of the work is highlighted in a skilful layering of acrylics, which are arranged on

multiple levels, achieving the illusion of three-dimensionality. However, Sonja also succeeds in a

much more difficult attempt, that of making the work pulsating with life, and capable of

transmitting a plurality of sensations through the alternation of colors and lines. It is therefore

possible to recognize an admirable parallelism between technique and the possibility of speaking to

the observer, and of directing him to grasp his own interpretation. The layers of color thus become

a metaphor for the multiplicity of emotions and thoughts that flow one over the other, leaving

behind an echo of past sensations and an omen of future ones. The viewer can only be guided by

his own interiority, and see a mirror of it on the canvas. Sonja Soller encloses inAbstractNature

the infinite corollary of human passions, making the work a multifaceted portrait in which anyone -

in any emotional state - can recognize himself.

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